Friday, February 29, 2008

flickr and libraries

Week four of the Montana Library 2.0 Challenge asks participants to explore and discover Flickr, the ever popular photo sharing site.

I use Flickr for many purposes, from sharing family photos with distant grandparents, to promoting libraries through the 365 Library Days Project, to creating presentations like the Making of a Day in the Life of a Youth Services Librarian. Flickr has quickly become a part of my life every day, both professionally and personally.

Last week I traveled to Missoula, MT to give a Connecting to Spanish Speakers @ Your Library Workshop to local librarians in the area and then attend the Montana Library Association's annual Offline conference. I was away from my toddler for a few days and missed viewing the recent lunar eclipse with him and my husband. Later that night, back at the hotel I could quickly view the photos my husband had taken of my son pointing out the disappearing moon on Flickr. For my son's grandparents, being able to see updated photos almost instantly keeps them closely connected even from 1,000 miles away.

The 365 Library Days Project is also very much worth your time to check out and explore. Michael Porter (the Library Man) from WebJunction, I believe, hatched this idea and is even in the process of creating a Press kit for libraries to use to promote themselves and the project.

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Shannon Librarian said...

I've fallen in love with Flickr for my personal life. It's also turned into one of my fav resources for blogging!

I think it's also a nice option to actually do something with all of the pictures we take as opposed to printing. Shannon