Saturday, March 1, 2008

badge it! --- playing make believe

What a fun little exercise for the second part of Flickr week for the Montana Library 2.0 Challenge! Can you guess what construction site I'm overseeing? This is one of my favorite "professional" pictures, circa 2006. Make your own badge!


Anonymous said...
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the green librarian said...
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the green librarian said...

I just got my first little bit of comment spam... What fun!

Suzanne said...

Congratulations! You know you've made it when you get comment spam.

Shannon Hodgins said...

Thou shalt not feed trolls. It's helped me...and it happens to everybody!!!!

I'm going to be posted soon on this, but I've been picked to be on the panel that selects books for the Tribune's Read and Write program. It's pretty big, and the list also goes to the Printer Row book festival.

My topic------Environmental Fiction, or books that foster a love of nature. I already have several in mind....but I'd love to pick other Green Librarian brains. What are your top three picks? Any age!!!!

I'm excited- - - RA and Green topics combined. I'd love to see what you are reccomending. Thanks!!! Shannon